2014 Best Practice Energieeffizienz


Varietal quality barley from neighbouring growing areas, modern production facilities and the high quality of malt types form the basis for success of DONAU MALZ.

Current capacity is designed for 66,000 tons per annum. The overall capacity in the silo and loading areas amounting to 38,000 tons makes it possible to process uniform batches efficiently. 100 tons per hour of barley or wheat can be handled inwards. Two separate “Lausmann System“ lines as well as the malting tower are used for production. Production is initiated in four cylindroconical funnel steeps:
  • Lausmann System:
    After the steeping containers, the raw material germinates in the transfer boxes. After the last germination day, the green malt goes into the downstream kiln.

  • Malting tower:
    In the 50 meter high tower, initial steeping is followed by flat-bed steeping to achieve homogeneous sprouting. A wash screw conveyor, used to adjust the required degree of steeping of the material, takes the material to the subjacent Saladin boxes. The two downstream double-floor air recirculation kilns are located on the lowest floors.
Analysis data from production and values specified by our customers for the particular malt types can be optimized by a computer-controlled plant. Electric power and heat are supplied from the company’s own natural gas fired combined heat and power station as well as sustainably from district heating waste heat from a neighbouring industrial complex.
The malting process click on image to enlarge

Come with us on a short guided tour through the malting process
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