2014 Best Practice Energieeffizienz

Switchover to
new harvest 2018

Due to extensive rainfalls, sowing of spring malting barley was delayed and started as of the end of March. The long drought phase as of mid-April resulted in some instances in drought damage and earlier maturation. Harvesting conditions were optimal. The crop could be harvested in a healthy condition though protein levels are elevated in some regions. Despite a higher acreage of some 20%, the harvest was lower than in the previous year as a result of lower yields. The main spring barley varieties this year are AVALON, SOLIST, PLANET, CATAMARAN and GRACE. Protein levels are approx. 11,7 %.
Winter malting barley is rising in significance as a domestic supplement. LIGA, JOY and TEPEE are the main varieties. Average protein content is heterogeneous i.e. 12,0 %.
In view of the heterogeneous protein levels, malting wheat requires very elaborate sample selection.

Our switchover schedule for the new harvest of spring malting barley malt:

Calendar week 40 42 44 46 48
Harvest 2018 20% 40% 60% 80% 100%
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